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DIGCO® Inc. introduces a line of compact,mounter erbium-doped glass laser rangefinders

We introduce a line of compact,mounter erbium-doped glass laser rangefinders for vehicles, static emplacements, and other fixed applications.We're proud of their competences which benefit from  one hundred percent owned technologies and all China made materials and components,comparing to competitors. 

The compact, very fast, erbium glass Technology-based Laser Range Finders with eye safewavelength 1535nm laser pulsed beam range capability of 15-20000 meters and repetition frequency(RF)  of 1-10Hz different according to different targets and  atmosphere conditions requirements.  The LRFs configuration with an APD receiver that enables a significant extension of the range up , while still remaining lightweight and compact and keeping the same size. These systems are designed for a wide range of  land, sea, and airborne applications.



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