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About us

As one division of a companies,research institutes and colleges union, knowledge-based DIGCO® (former Darkhorse Industrial Group Co., Limited)specializes in optical materials in-house growing and supplying,especially erbium doped phosphate glass rods,slabs and other ones shaped as required for specific application of laser transmitters.

Our products include Er3+ Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glass for diode pumped solid state(DPSS) lasers , Er3+ Yb3+ Cr3+ co-doped phosphate glass for flash lamp pumped solid state (LPSSlasers, passively Q-Switched DPSS laser transmitters and compact rangefinder modules,shooting 1.54μm pulsed beam which is ideal for long distance measurement applications because of its eye safe wavelength, invisibility and high transmission through atmosphere.All products have been approved good for  both OEM integration for new devices and repairing replacements for old faulty equipment.

We do not only supply products,but also join in clients designing for specific solutions as an ODM or OEM supplier with our professionalism because of our devotion and concentration in this field.We offer products with excellent quality at better price worldwide to help making breakthrough and progress of 1.54μm laser application technologies.



Contact: John Jay Woo

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E-mail: digco(at)digco-techs(dot)com


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