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Diffusion bonded Er:glass module for microchip laser

●Co:Spinel (Co2+:MgAl2O4) bonding as passive Q-Switch
● Wavelength of laser:1535nm
● Concentrations: 0.25~1.3
● Cross section for stimulated emission:0.8
● Fluorescent lifetime (ms):9.4-9.8


There are two typical types of Er:Glass lasers,one is using laser rod/slab as active element and Q-Switch seperately,another is using bonded Er:Glass to get gain medium,Q-swith and output coupler as a whole,which present advantages of easy fixing and stable architechures.We supply series of such  active element modules for  microchip laser transmitter design for output pulse energy 100uJ,200uJ,300uJ,4000uJ,500uJ,700uJ,1000uJ with repetition rate 1-10Hz adjustable, and 40uJ with repetition rate 1kHz(1000Hz) .As we know,Co:Spinel ( Co2+:MgAl2O4) ) is ideal material of passive Q-Switch for 1535nm laser, so we bond Er 3+,Yb3+:Phosphate glass and Co2+:MgAl2O together  as a whole composite gain medium module with necessary optical coatings as required for better structured microchip DPSS lasers,which is a way for us to deeply join in clients designing microchip lasers.KITS of  active element,LD pump laser and collimating lens as well as 25X or 35X beam expander,Narrow band filter@1535nm,T>90%  can be supplied as required when necessary.


OEM composite microchip laser gain modules and waveguides for secific applications can be customized as given drawings required.