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Microchip Diffusion bonded Glass-Er:glass-Co:spinel monoblocks

●Co:Spinel (Co2+:MgAl2O4) bonding as passive Q-Switch
● Wavelength of laser:1535nm
● Concentrations: 0.25~1.3
● Cross section for stimulated emission:0.8
● Fluorescent lifetime (ms):9.4-9.8


There are two typical types of Er:Glass lasers,one is using laser rod/slab as active element and Q-Switch seperately,another is using bonded Er:Glass to get gain medium,Q-swith and output coupler as a whole,say,monoblock laser, which present advantages of easy fixing and stable architechures.We supply series of such  active element modules for  microchip laser transmitter design for output pulse energy 100uJ,200uJ,300uJ,4000uJ,500uJ,700uJ,1000uJ with repetition rate 1-10Hz adjustable, and 40uJ with repetition rate 1kHz(1000Hz) .As we know,Co:Spinel ( Co2+:MgAl2O4) ) is ideal material of passive Q-Switch for 1535nm laser, so we bond Er 3+,Yb3+:Phosphate glass and Co2+:MgAl2O together  as a whole composite gain medium module with necessary optical coatings as required for better structured microchip DPSS lasers,which is a way for us to deeply join in clients designing microchip lasers.KITS of  active element,LD pump laser and collimating lens as well as 25X or 35X beam expander,Narrow band filter@1535nm,T>9 0%  can be supplied as required when necessary.


OEM composite microchip laser gain modules and waveguides for secific applications can be customized as given drawings required.